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Toronto DJ Services - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does High Five Entertainment charge for an event that is less than 8 hours?

A. Prices quoted on our website are for any amount of time up to 8 hours. Once we are booked for your event, we are unable to accept any other bookings for that day. In order to guarantee your booking, we provide a written service agreement.

Q. Can you play longer than 8 hours?

A. If the party is incredible and you donít want the night to end, High Five Entertainment can continue past our 8-hour time block or past 1:00 AM for an additional $75.00/hour.

Q. Can High Five Entertainment perform at events outside of the Greater Toronto Area?

A. We love to adventures out of Toronto. It provides us a small break from the big city life. However, for any event more than ONE hour outside of Toronto (Niagara Falls, Muskoka, etc.) we require a one night accommodation at a nearby hotel. It is unsafe for our DJs to travel home during the late hours of the night, especially after a long and exciting party.

Q. When do I pay you and what happens to my deposit?

A. A deposit of $300.00 will be due within one (1) week of your consultation date and can be returned with your signed contract to our offices. We will send you an invoice and a copy of your contract with our signatures. The remaining balance is due on your event date or can be paid in advance.

Q. Do you take requests and will you play our favourite CDs?

A. If you cancel more than 30 days before your event, only the deposit will be forfeited. Less than 30 days before your event, the entire fee will be due.

Q. Do you run this as a full-time business?

A. High Five Entertainment is a full-time business.† We devote all our time and effort into your special event. We want to make your day completely memorable and are willing to invest ourselves fully.

Q. Can I expect professionals to DJ at my event?

A. High Five Entertainment is a professional DJ company and is a proud member of both the Canadian Disc Jockey Association and the Canadian Online Disc Jockey Association . We carry 2 million in liability insurance and equipment insurance and use professional speakers, mixers, and CD players. Our music collection is licensed by the AVLA and we currently use CDs to ensure the best sound quality. We bring along back-up equipment and always have a back-up DJ on call in case of sickness or emergency. You can read our testimonials section and be assured we are courteous and professional with all of our clients.

Q. When did High Five Entertainment launch?

A. High Five Entertainment launched in March 2005 and enjoys entertaining at trendy parties and weddings. If you want a classy party where you will not hear the Macaraena or Celine Dion, we are the perfect entertainers. For those parties that expect a bit more fun, we have a party props package option that will keep everyone amused.

Q. Do I have to feed you?

A. It is completely at your discretion whether or not you decide to feed your DJ.† A meal is truly appreciated as your DJ often works for 8 hours at a time with very little time for breaks.† Tip: A service meal is often available from your venue as a scaled-down, less expensive version designated for your DJ, photographer and videographers.

Q. How interactive are your DJs?

A. This is another great concern of all customers. The answer is simple: we are as interactive as you want us to be. We can be background figures that keep the attention on the bridal party, completely outgoing, or any level that you desire. We are professional entertainers and can handle your requests without a problem. However, you will never hear your DJ yelling or singing into the microphone. We still maintain a degree of professionalism no matter how outgoing you want us to be. We will use our skills professionally and never steal the spotlight.

Q. How far in advance do I have to book you?

A. High Five Entertainment currently books only ONE event per night. We have a very busy schedule and recommend that you contact us at least a year in advance. Contact us directly for questions on availability.

Q. Do you have to post your signage?

A. We believe your event should be trendy and not tacky. Hence, our banner will not be posted. We only bring our signage when the venue cannot provide us with table skirting. We then bring our sign to hide all our wires and cables. However, if you are okay with us bringing our banner, we always appreciate the additional advertisement. Please let us know your preference when booking.

Q. Iím ready! How can I book High Five Entertainment?

A. Click on the Contact Us button and send us an e-mail directly. Brian will reply to your e-mail within 24 hours and offer you the opportunity to book a free no-obligation consultation to discuss your event and all your music needs.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact High Five Entertainment!